Friday, August 5, 2011

izit true??? or just a dream? hoO yeah!

it's between yOu and me.
we've been engage???
is it trueee?

i've been ask yOu last time. but still not sure bOut a 'hukum'
cOnfius between 'adat' and 'syarak'
it's da asnwer dear...

meaningless for dis secOnds. for this time.
u have gOne.
leaving me alOne.
how dare u.

never mind.
i'm still alive even you not by my side.
my tears always accompanied whole my nite. my sleep .
TEARS.. fighting da patience
it's gOod for you to hear that, right?
thanks a lot dear.
thanks a lOt.
really2 appreciate yOu.
respect u babe . u're so strong to fight with ur feeling.
hoping that yOu hepy owes there ....
keep in mind.
focus on ur study.focus on ur reading the 'kitab' .

i'm owes rememba ur promise in da letter.
u'll come n see me
if our born is to live together, we will be together.
no more worries. no more hopes.


with LOVE,

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